Hello, friends!

Welcome to my new blog! Long-time knitter, first-time* sewist here, eagerly setting out into the online crafting community. Allow me to introduce myself! I spent my childhood dabbling in many a craft (basket weaving, jewelry making, cross-stitching, balloon animals, you name it) until settling on knitting after graduating college. Never satisfied with just one crafty hobby, I entertained starting to sew and quilt many times, going so far as asking for (and receiving, thanks, parents!) a sewing machine for Christmas over five years ago. But several moves and a lost foot pedal later, all I had was a very dusty and non-functional sewing machine.

That is, until fate stepped in, in the form of a well timed trip to London this spring. There I stumbled upon episode 2 of The Great British Sewing Bee, the single greatest reality TV program of all time. I will brook no argument to the contrary. If you’ve been living under a rock and missed this sewing sensation, stop reading and start watching; it’s on YouTube. I loved how the program focused on the technical skill of the contestants and the craft of sewing. I wanted to befriend everyone on that show. I wanted to have tea with them between challenges and rifle through their wall of fabrics and haberdashery and have that delightful 40s music be the soundtrack for my life.

I got home from vacation, mainlined all four hours of TGBSB in one epic YouTube marathon, ordered a new foot pedal, and set out to learn how to sew. Since then, I’ve been following a LOT of sewing blogs, and after some close reading I’ve realized that some of my favorite bloggers, like Tilly and Ginger Makes started as beginners, so I thought why not give it a go and start a blog of my own. I intermittently get tragically busy with work, but I realized this year that having more creative outlets in my life makes me a happier person. So, hopefully busy or not, this blog will support my goal of doing more sewing and knitting with the time I have. Excited to get started!

*Okay, first-time is not 100% true. I did have a brief sewing career in my middle school years, punctuated by two weeks of sewing camp at G Street Fabrics where I made a fully lined vest, the height of fashion for teens and tweens in the mid-nineties (here’s incontrovertible proof, I cued it up for you), and as much Home Ec as they’d let me take. But seeing as that was (gulp) approximately 17 years ago, I’m going to consider myself a newbie.


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