I made a bag!

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First things first for this first real post: apparently I need to claim my blog on Bloglovin’ so you, my (currently imaginary) readers can follow me. So click and follow away!

Now let’s get down to business. Back in June, I ordered this kit to make the Everyday Tote from Purl Bee. The kit comes with some duck canvas, chambray for contrast, webbing, and, most importantly, neon bias binding. Friends, I am really and truly obsessed with Purl Bee, and this is a beautiful kit.

As it happened, this practical tote became my first “up until the wee hours sewing, sleep is for the weak, must finish this project” project. And here’s the finished product (photographed just this weekend after two months of toting and beach trips):

My everyday tote, well loved

My everyday tote, well loved

I think this photo is teaching me that this blog will document lots of learning about sewing, but some learning about photography, too. Bear with my mediocre photos!

Here are the beautiful neon pink insides, my first adventure into bias binding:


And finally, here’s a side view, because I ended up pretty proud of how everything lined up (pats self on back):


I must admit, like all the beautiful things at Purl, this kit was not cheap, but it was a fun and easy project, and the result is something I really love using, in contrast to my other early projects (pajama pants and an elastic waist skirt in a novelty fabric that will forever remain unblogged, *shudder*).

Anyhoodle, that’s it for post number 2. Watch this space for a full report on my first real foray into apparel sewing!


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