Everyday Skirt Goes Minion–A Belated Halloween Post

Hello again friends, it’s been too long! This blogging stuff is hard work, especially when work gets crazy. But I have been doing at least a little sewing, so let’s talk about it!

First things first, let’s take the way-back machine all the way back to All Hallow’s Eve Eve (AKA the night before Halloween). Like many a procrastinating crafter before me, you would have found me up far too late working on this little number:

Slightly blurry minion.

Sorry for the image quality, but this was an all iPhone kind of photo shoot in the hallway at clinic, so what you see is what you get! Anyway, the more astute of you may recognize this as Liesl Gibson’s new Everyday Skirt pattern turned into–and here I’m giving myself away as a pediatrician–a Despicable Me minion costume. (The slightly less astute may have been tipped off by the subject of this post.) I had just downloaded the pattern before Halloween, and I wanted to make up a muslin anyway, so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and make a minion costume AND a muslin. Despite the late-night sewing involved (this is what happens when you start such a project at 8 pm), I think it turned out pretty well.

I thought the skirt looked a little full for my taste, so despite my measurements saying XL, I went with the large, and I think it was a good choice. When I make up my final version, I think I will extend the back panel a tiny bit wider so there is more gathering around the back elastic, but otherwise I don’t plan on any adjustments to the pattern. And the very deep hem was a bit of a lazy choice, but something I’ll plan to repeat because it is one of my favorite parts of the finished product. That and the side panels. Ooh, and the pockets.

Enjoying the pockets. And making a crazy face, as usual.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the fabric; it’s a very lightweight denim I got on the cheap using some Joann’s coupons, but it turned out much softer than I thought it would. As for the mods I did to make it minion-tastic, they were pretty simple: I cut out a rectangle and hemmed the edges for the front of the pinafore, and then added to straps that I crossed in the back (not pictured, sorry!). I sewed the front panel and the straps to the waistband et voila! I did not get up the gumption to do 3 am buttonholes, though, so the straps are fastened with velcro dots (with dummy buttons for effect). In an effort to win a costume contest (we did!), I actually organized it for my whole team to come as minions:

SO many minions.

We were quite the celebrities around the hospital, let me tell you. I bought the supplies for the goggles (canning jar lids and elastic, if you were wondering) and logos (self-stick felt, where have you been all my life), a few extra yellow hats, and pipe cleaners for hair. Then the day before Halloween, some of my med students set up an assembly line putting the accessories together (educational, I know; I swear they volunteered!). We’re a bit of a rag tag crew, but the effect was really cute overall.

As a teaser for future posts, where there is muslin there must be another project, so of course there’s another Everyday Skirt in the works. I’ve also just finished up my first baby dress (dying of cuteness) AND I’ve even nearly conquered my Sorbetto FBA self-tutorial. Add to that materials for an BHL Anna dress and knit Staple Dress burning a hole in my stash, and I have a lot of sewing/blogging ahead of me, so watch this space!


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