It’s two, two, two knits in one (post)


Oh hi, internet neighbor! Winter has arrived here in Baltimore with not one, not two, but THREE days of snowfall last week. Well, yesterday was a little more of a rain event, but there were maybe 30 minutes where actual snow was falling from the sky. Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited about it . So excited that I’ve completed two knitting projects for myself this past week. Here I am in both:


These two projects are the Everdeen Beanie from Weekend Hats and the Rasta Cowl from the little book Malabrigo 3 I just picked up this week. Let’s start with the hat, shall we?

This hat is the cover project from the book (remember my craft library obsession?), and I actually started knitting it up about a year ago. It was put down after I messed up some basic math required to cut out a pattern repeat (needed because though I have a gigantic head, I am also a rather loose knitter). Somehow I ended up with 111 stitches but didn’t realize it, and I could tell the lace pattern wasn’t working out but didn’t think to count stitches, so the hat and I needed to take a break. I found it again a few weeks ago and figured out the mistake, and I’m very happy with the end result. Our prolonged hiatus has left me with no idea what yarn this is, though, which is a shame, because it’s great and I love the stitch definition.


Excuse the resolution, another iPhone photo shoot (and thanks to my mother!). I just love this fan stitch, and it was easy to remember once I got into the rhythm. If you’re looking for more project info, find the deets on my Ravelry page here. Hats and lace knitting, how I love you; I already have a few more patterns picked out from the book that meet just those criteria!

Next, the neckwarmer. This project and I had a whirlwind romance. After spotting a floor model right as I walked in the door, I picked up the yarn and the book Wednesday at Woolworks and started knitting right when I got home. On size 17 needles, it was a very quick knit, and I was more or less done that night. There were some tense moments the next day when I went to finish the last few rows (seriously, I had like 3 inches left after binding off), but I actually didn’t find the buttonhole bind-off hard at all, despite suggestions to the contrary on Ravelry. Add some 2-for-1 buttons from my friend Joann, and it was done!


I think this project is absolutely a perfect handmade gift, and it’s so quick to make up, you still have time to get one (or several!) up before Christmas. I could barely restrain myself from going out to get more of this yarn to start another this weekend. Interested parties can find out more details on the yarn, etc. on my Ravelry project page here.

And can we talk about this little Malabrigo 3 book? I tried to resist its charms (and spent many minutes committing the neckwarmer pattern to memory to save myself a little money), but then I started flipping through, and found a few more projects I would love to make, especially this sweater and this little baby hoodie. So into the “buy” pile it went!

And I leave you with a little photo collage (look who’s getting fancy!) of some of the…less serious moments from our photo sesh to show off the knits in all their glory. From left to right, sassing my mother’s lack of iPhone camera skills (ungrateful child that I am), hiding in the neckwarmer, and…let’s be honest, just being me. Enjoy!



I made a bag!

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First things first for this first real post: apparently I need to claim my blog on Bloglovin’ so you, my (currently imaginary) readers can follow me. So click and follow away!

Now let’s get down to business. Back in June, I ordered this kit┬áto make the Everyday Tote from Purl Bee. The kit comes with some duck canvas, chambray for contrast, webbing, and, most importantly, neon bias binding. Friends, I am really and truly obsessed with Purl Bee, and this is a beautiful kit.

As it happened, this practical tote became my first “up until the wee hours sewing, sleep is for the weak, must finish this project” project. And here’s the finished product (photographed just this weekend after two months of toting and beach trips):

My everyday tote, well loved

My everyday tote, well loved

I think this photo is teaching me that this blog will document lots of learning about sewing, but some learning about photography, too. Bear with my mediocre photos!

Here are the beautiful neon pink insides, my first adventure into bias binding:


And finally, here’s a side view, because I ended up pretty proud of how everything lined up (pats self on back):


I must admit, like all the beautiful things at Purl, this kit was not cheap, but it was a fun and easy project, and the result is something I really love using, in contrast to my other early projects (pajama pants and an elastic waist skirt in a novelty fabric that will forever remain unblogged, *shudder*).

Anyhoodle, that’s it for post number 2. Watch this space for a full report on my first real foray into apparel sewing!